Improving ESP Performance Combining Sand Control and Downhole Chemical Treatment: Case Studies in the Permian Basin


Ben Zapp, Lario Oil & Gas Co.
Shivani Vyas, Gustavo Gonzalez, L.A. Guanacas and Carlos Portilla, Odessa Separator, Inc.

This paper proposes a new method to deal with sand and chemical problems in the ESP. The protection system consists of 1) ESP sand separation system that works in two stages assuring the best sand separation efficiency. The first separation stage is composed of a V-wire geometry screened designed based on production. The second stage is a centrifugal system formed by a sand cutting resistance sleeve and a helix that creates a Vortex Effect. 2) Chemical treatment in downhole that microencapsulates the original components used on the surface and allows their installation and controlled dispersion at downhole below the sand separation system. The new system for sand control and downhole chemical treatment was successfully installed in 70 wells in one year. The design considered factor as the production expected, particle size distribution, mechanical well conditions and complete water analysis of the wells.  This paper summarizes the most relevant cases.