"Long and Slow" OR "Short and Fast" is NOT the Way to Go


Lynn Rowlan and Carrie-Anne Taylor, Echometer Company

More efficient operations and lower failure rates will result if sucker rod lifted wells are operated with a pump filled with liquid.  Dynamometer and fluid level surveys can be used to identify when the well is operating properly and when there are operating problems.  There are a variety of recommended practices for operating sucker rod lifted wells to provide low operating cost and low failure rate.  Data will show that long and slow versus short and fast both result in high failure rates when the sucker rod pumping system has incomplete pump fillage.  Frequently inspection of dynamometer data collected on sucker rod lifted wells operated using pump-off controllers, variable speed drives or timers show incomplete pump fillage.  Incomplete pump fillage is often associated with a “pumped-off well” or gas entering the pump replacing liquid fillage. This presentation will show data collected on several wells to address problems created by operating a pump not filled with liquid.