Q2 Artificial Lift Services

Q2 Artificial Lift Services (ALS) is a world class down hole rod Pump company that specializes in the sales, service, engineering and manufacturing of down hole reciprocating pumps. We are a fully integrated company with over 30+ repair and service locations strategically located across Western Canada and the United States. 

Q2 offers our customers a full line of Down hole rod pump components and accessories that are manufactured in house. With Q2 having the ability to control all manufacture procedures, this enables us to provide a world class product.

Coupled with our service locations along with our engineering and technical support, Q2 can fulfill all of our customers needs to minimize their overall costs and maximize their production demands, while supplying them with new technology and innovative ideas. This singular focus and full integration of down hole rod pumps sets us apart from our competitors and solidifies Q2 ALS as the industry leader.

Q2 ALS is Technology & Innovation in Motion.

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