Why Exhibit at the SWPSC?

Exhibiting at the Southwestern Petroleum Short Course offers many opportunities to those companies wanting to reach out to "old friends" and make new contacts. The Exhibit Hall  not only houses the exhibits but also is where registration, lunch and breaks are all located.  Each booth space includes a skirted table, 2 chairs, head sign and registration for two company personnel.  Exhibit hours are Wednesday, 8:00 am-5:00 pm and Thursday, 8:00 am1:30 pm. 

 The expo is held in the Exhibit Hall, along with the buffet luncheons, to allow registrants the opportunity to visit with exhibitors during the lunch breaks as well as during the conference.  Because lunch is provided with the registration for all the attendants, and the exhibit locations surround the lunch area, the Exhibit Hall has the uniqueness of a “captured” audience; almost the entire SWPSC attendance will be in the area for an hour each day.