Title Presenters Topic
"Long and Slow" OR "Short and Fast" is NOT the Way to Go

Lynn Rowlan and Carrie-Anne Taylor, Echometer Company

Artificial Lift
A Case Study: Optimized Valve Spacing in Gas Lift to Accommodate Maturing Reservoir Conditions in Permian Basin Wells

Haseeb Ahmed Junjua and Mike Swithart
Production Lift Companies

Artificial Lift
A Micro Look Into Sucker Rod Material Selection for Fatigue Resistance

Mike Murray, Exceed Oilfield Equipment, Inc. 
Joshua Jackson, US Corrosion Services

Artificial Lift
A Simple, Cost Effective Alternative to Crosslinked Guar Systems that Allows for the Use of Produced Water

Carl Harman, Satanta Oil
Mike McDonald, PQ Corporation

Reservoir Operation
Addressing the Challenges Associated with the Deployment and Successful Operation of Continuous Rods

LJ Guillotte, Anne-Marie Weaver and Victoria Pons, Lightning Production Services
Justin Lindquists, Revolution Resources

Artificial Lift
Artificial Lift Selection in Unconventional Horizontal Wells

Jim Lea
Steve Gault

Artificial Lift
Ball Lifting System for Deep Lift and Other Applications

Ron Elkins, Elk-N- Lizard LLC

Artificial Lift
Carbon Fiber Sucker Rods Increase Production, Reduce Wear

Michell Hale, Megalex Rods

Artificial Lift
Chemical Management Program from the Point of View of the Operator and the Chemical Vendor

Dylan Bucanek and Chase Schippers, Champion X
Rob Vincent, PLTech, LLC

Prod. Handling
Coated Continuous Rod Optimizes Deviated and Corrosive Wells

Sara Million and Willians Padilla

Artificial Lift
Controlling Gas Slugs in ESP Using a New Downhole Gas Regulator: Case Studies

Thane Barkley and Alex McCammon, Birch Resources
Gustavo Gonzalez and Shivani Vyas, Odessa Separators Inc. 

Artificial Lift
Development of a Low-Risk Ultra-High Annular Flow-by Tubing Anchor Catcher

Jeff Saponja, Oilify 
Corbin Coyes, Q2 ALS 
Furqan Chaudhry, Ovintiv 

Artificial Lift
Digital Transformation for Sucker Rod Pump Operated Wells

Mahmut Sengul, Noven Inc. 

Artificial Lift
Downhole Gas and Sand Separation Solution for Dynamic Wells

Ken Nolen and Caitlin Shirey
WellWorx Energy

Artificial Lift
Early Application of Plungers in Gas Wells Producing Liquids

Mark Gose Billy Hood, Elizabeth Clem and Andrew Borgan, BKV Artificial Lift
James F. Lea, PLTech, LLC

Artificial Lift
Enhanced Optimization of Deviated Wells Utilizing Greenshot: A Permanent, Automated Fluid Level System

Russell Messer and Victoria Pons
WellWorx Energy

Artificial Lift
Enhancing Downhole Gas and Solids Separation and Lowering Operational Risk by Taking Advantage of Multiphase Flow Reversals

Scott Krell, Silver Energy Services
Anand Nagoo, Nagoo & Associates LLC
Jeff Saponja, Oilify

Artificial Lift
Field Evaluation of A Low-Cost, Continuous Monitoring Camera System for Gas Leak Detection

Jason Bylsma, Kuva Systems

Artificial Lift
Field Performance Review Of High Strength Stainless Steel And Low Alloy Steel Sucker Rod In Harsh Environments

Rodrigo Barreto, Weatherford

Artificial Lift
Field Test Results from a Downhole Sucker Rod Sensor

Keith Fangmeier and Stian Slotteroy and John MacCay
Well Innovation

Artificial Lift
Harmonic Mitigation Challenges in Unconventional ESP Applications

Ryan Dodson and  Davi Lacerda
Champion X

Artificial Lift
High-Volume Rod Lift

Erik Jacson and Chris Lauden

Artificial Lift
Impact of Ambyint's Machine Learning Closed Loop Optimization System on Horizontal Bakken Wells: Failure Analysis Case Study

Ginger Shelfer , Burke Pond and  Arsalan Adil, Ambyint
Victoria Pons, Pons Energy Analytics

Artificial Lift
Improving ESP Performance Combining Sand Control and Downhole Chemical Treatment: Case Studies in the Permian Basin

Ben Zapp, Lario Oil & Gas Co.
Shivani Vyas, Gustavo Gonzalez, L.A. Guanacas and Carlos Portilla, Odessa Separator, Inc.

Artificial Lift
Increase Run Time and MTBF by Pumping the Curve with Thermoplastic

Victoria Pons, Anne-Marie Weaver and LJ Guillotte, Lightning Production Services
Justin Lundquist, Revolution Resources  

Drilling Operations