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(2024001) Understanding Harmonics and complying with IEEE519-2022 on Oil Wells with VFDs

Luke Beaudry, dv8 Energy

Artificial Lift
(2024002) Leveraging Machine Learning Models for Optimization

Luke Beaudry, dv8 Energy

Artificial Lift
(2024003) Artificial Lift Strategy Integrating Gas Lift, PAGL/GAPL, and Plunger Lift Technologies Optimizes Economics at Every Phase in Tight Oil Well Decline Curve

Brent Cope and David Gilmore, ChampionX Artificial Lift

Artificial Lift
(2024004) Convert to Rod Lift Sooner - Long Stroke Pumping Units

Spencer Evans and Joe Calhoun
Liberty Lift Solutions

Artificial Lift
(2024005) Controlling Sand Flow Back in ESPs without Limiting Flushing Operations Through the Tubing. Field Applications in the Permian Basin

Jorge Gambus and Neil Johnson Vazhappillly, Odessa Separator Inc.

Artificial Lift
(2024006) Energy-Efficient Wide-Range ESPCP System, A New Approach to Overcome the Main Challenges for Artificial Lift Systems in the Permian Basin

Francisco Godin, Diego Marquez, Leonardo Suarez, Benigno Montilla, Marco Iguaran, Pete Hondred, Jose Jaua

Artificial Lift
(2024007) Acquisition of Scheduled Fluid Level, Dynamometer, Power Data to Monitor Challenging Sucker Rod Lifted Wells

O. Lynn Rowlan, Gustavo Fernandez, Carrie Anne Taylor, and Justin Bates
Echometer Company

Artificial Lift
(2024008) Zero Restriction Standing and Traveling Valves In A Rod Pump

Jyothi Swaroop Samayamantula, Ellis Manufacturing Co.

Artificial Lift
(2024009) Surface Controlled, Electric Gas Lift (EGL) Systems Gaining Ground in the Permian

Logan Smart, XTO Energy
Alex Moore, Mike Hermanson and Mike Sollid 
Precise Downhole Solutions 

Artificial Lift
(2024010) Breaking the curve: Improvement of Gas Separation Efficiency for High Fluid and High GLR Horizontal Wells

Shivani Vyas and Gustavo Gonzalez, OSI
Martin Lozano and Jeff Knight, Diamondback Energy

Artificial Lift
(2024011) Improved Well Analysis from Depth-Based Tubing Inspection Performed in a Facility

Brian Wagner, RTS
Courtney Richardson, OXY

Artificial Lift
(2024012) Employing the LV-EMI™ Unit in the Greater Elk Hills Area

Larry Aldrich, CRC
LJ Guillotte, Enio Oliveros, and Anne Marie Weaver, LPS

Artificial Lift
(2024013) A Discussion of Rod Lift VSD Control Parameters, Setup, And Configuration for Optimal Operation Under Varying Operating Conditions

Peter Westerkamp, Lufkin Industries

Artificial Lift
(2024014) A New Concept of Downhole Gas Slug Mitigation in Unconventional Wells

Donn Brown, Ketan Sheth, Shannon Baker Davis, and Joseph Muno
Summit ESP

Electric Submersible Pump
(2024015) Gas Flow Management Technology Designed to Decrease Downtime and Improve ESP Efficiency – Lessons Learned and Case Studies

Jorge Gambus, Luis Guanacas, Scott Vestal and 
Gustavo Gonzalez – Odessa Separator Inc. (OSI) 
Mario Campos, ChampionX

Electric Submersible Pump
(2024016) Extending The Life of An ESP While Maintaining the Ability to Inject

Joshua Hudgeons, PetroQuip Energy Services

Electric Submersible Pump
(2024017) Successful ESP Optimization With Machine Learning Deployed At Scale In The Permian Basin – A Case Study

David Benham, James Meek, and Ryan Erickson, Vital Energy
Brian Haapanen,  Brian Hicks, and Charles (Chuck) Wheeler - ChampionX

Electric Submersible Pump
(2024018) Gas Lift Systems to Maximize Production through the Life of a Permian Basin Horizontal Well

Joseph Bourque, ALTEC Gas Lift

Gas Lift
(2024019) A Robust Method for Data-Driven Gas-lift Optimization

A. Gambaretto and K Rashid

Gas Lift
(2024020) How/Why High-Pressure Gas Lift (“Single Point Gas Lift”) Adoption/Uses Continue to Grow

Larry Harms, Optimization Harmsway, LLC
James Hudson, Ryan Reynolds, 
Steve Schwin, and Will Nelle, Estis Compression

Artificial Lift
(2024021) Testing Gas Lift Equipment for Offshore Applications Proves Synergistic to Land Based Applications

Steve Long, Weatherford

Gas Lift
(2024022) Reducing Hydrocarbon Emissions in Gas Lift Operations

Will Nelle, Estis Compression
Wayne McPherson, Devon Energy

Gas Lift

Kevin Rogers, PEAK Completions

Gas Lift
(2024024) Icing On the Cake: Surprise Benefits of Surface Controlled Gas Lift

Joel Shaw, Silverwell Energy

Gas Lift
(2024025) Long Term Jet Lift

John Massey, Prime Pump Solutions, A ChampionX Company

Jet Pump

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