Title Presenters Topic
3D Wave Equation and Advanced Friction Model Corresponding

Dermot Lyons, DV8 Energy, Inc.

Artificial Lift
A Simple, Cost Effective Alternative to Crosslinked Guar Systems that Allows for the Use of Produced Water

Carl Harman, Satanta Oil
Mike McDonald, PQ Corporation

Well Completion and Simulation
Artificial Lift Selection in Unconventional Horizontal Wells

Jim Lea, PLTech, LLC
Steve Gault

Artificial Lift
Beam Run Time and What the Changes are Telling You

Chris Cavazos, Occidental Petroleum Corp

Artificial Lift
Braking and Separating San and Gas Slugs in ESP Installed in Unconventional Wells with 5-1/2" Casing: Case Studies

Neil J Vazhappilly, Gustavo Gonzalez, Odessa Separator Inc
Trent Wien, Fernando Marzuka, Carlos Yicon, OXY USA

Artificial Lift
Cloud-Based Monitoring of Pumping Well Performance

Dieter Becker, Ken Skinner, Jim McCoy, Carrie Anne Taylor, Tony Podio
Echometer Company

Artificial Lift
Comparison of Corrosion and Wear Resistant Barrel Coasting and Their Failure Behavior Under Acidic Conditions

Pinar Karpuz-Pickell and Levins Thompson, Don-Nan Pump & Supply

Artificial Lift
Controlling Gas Slugs in ESP Using a New Downhole Gas Regulator: Case Studies

Thane Barkley and Alex McCammon, Birch Resources
Gustavo Gonzalez and Shivani Vyas, Odessa Separators Inc. 

Artificial Lift
Darcy & Non-Darcy Flow Through Packing Particles

Mahmoud Elsharafi, Shaloy Chaman and Marcus Baptiste
Midwestern State University

Reservoir Operation
Downhole Chemical Remediation via Microencapsulation

Charles H . Dietz, Freedom Chemical Technologies, LLC

Well Completion and Simulation
Efforts to Further Optimize VFD Controllers

Chance Hukaby and Chris Cavazos, Occidental Petroleum Corp 

Artificial Lift
Fiberglass Rod Study Review & Guidelines From the Resulting Project

Melanie Brewer, Steve  Gault, and Courtney Richardson

Artificial Lift
Field Performance Review of High Strength Steel and Low Alloy Steel Sucker Rod in Harsh Environments

Oscar Martinez, Daniel Renteria, Sarah Mladenka and John Stachowiak, Weatherford

Artificial Lift
Field Test Results from a Downhole Sucker Rod Sensor

Keith Fnagmeier and Stian Slotteroy and John MacCay
Well Innovation

Artificial Lift
Friction Reduction in Sucker Rod Pumping Systems

Mark Turland, Western Falcon Energy Services

Artificial Lift
Gas Lift Downhole Failures in Loving County

Maxwell Rose and Jensine Doyle
Occidental Petroleum Corporation

Artificial Lift
High Performance Low Friction Sucker Rod Coupling Increases Life of Downhole Tubing in Deviated Wells

Justin Galle and John Stachowiak

Artificial Lift
Hybrid Artificial Lift Strategies for Unconventional Reservoirs

Jesse Hernandez, Production Lift Companies
Mario Ardila and  Carlos Oviedo, Global Petroleum Technologies 

Artificial Lift
Impact-Resistant Sucker Rods for Aggressive Applications

Rodrigo Barreto, Oscar Martinez, Sarah Mladenk and Daniel Renteria, Weatherford

Artificial Lift
Improved Downhole Sand Mitigation System for Rod Pump and ESP

Mark Foster and Matt Raglin
WellWorx Energy Solutions

Artificial Lift
Improving ESP Performance Combining Sand Control and Downhole Chemical Treatment: Case Studies in the Permian Basin

Ben Zapp, Lario Oil & Gas Co.
Shivani Vyas, Gustoavo Gonzalez, and Carlos Portilla, Odessa Separator, Inc.

Artificial Lift
IoTin the Oilfield - Emerging Distributed IoT Technology vs Centralized Processing Systems

David Allen, and George Tyson

Prod. Handling
Measuring Wellbore Friction During Workover Operations

Walter Phillips, Wansco

Artificial Lift
Method to Calculate Location of Downhole Sticking

O. Lynn Rowlan and Carrie-Anne Taylor
Echometer Company

Artificial Lift
Multi-Stage Limited-Entry Gas Separator - Limited-Entry Explained and Test and Results

Brian Ellithorp
BlackJack Production Tools

Artificial Lift