The Southwestern Petroleum Short Course provides members of the petroleum industry with state-of-the-art operating and engineering instruction in subjects that will assist them in doing a better, more efficient, and more intelligent job in their respective positions in production operations.

Several optional one-day schools are conducted on a special topic in petroleum production operations by a noted industry authority in that field of study.  Over the next two days, the main program consists of 40-50 instructional papers conducted in a classroom setting.  Each paper is given twice, once each day of the Short Course.  A 50-minute period per paper is allotted for presentation, questions, and related discussion. 

It is the intent of the Short Course to provide papers that are original contributions.  A very limited number of previously published papers are accepted.  The papers should be directed to an audience of supervisors, engineers, and key field personnel concerned with oil-producing operations and problems.

In order for papers to be published online for the Annual Proceedings for the 2024 SWPSC Conference the deadline for submitting completed papers is March 25, 2024.  If this deadline is not achievable, please contact the SWPSC office immediately.  This deadline is important because it allows time for the paper to be prepared and placed online for registrants to review and download the papers prior to the SWPSC event. Having your paper available in the online Annual Proceedings is not optional and must be received in order to be scheduled for presentation times.  Completed papers should be submitted electronically (email,, jump drive, or disk) as a Word document only. PDF files and PowerPoint presentations will not be accepted. 

The SWPSC appreciates the efforts of the authors and co-authors in providing a quality program.  It is important to note, however, that the SWPSC is a non-profit organization and request cooperation in following the precedent set by various professional societies which require the author and co-authors to be responsible for the standard registration fee and related travel expenses. 

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Presenter Responsibility
The author and/or co-authors are responsible for the oral presentation of the paper twice, once each day of the Short Course during a pre-determined scheduled time. This task can be shared between co-authors if so desired.
Facilities & Equipment
The average attendance varies from 20 to 65 people. The rooms are equipped with a screen and computer overhead projector. Please bring you own laptop for presentation - on-site computers are not available.
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Submit an Abstract
Present to a versatile audience. Click below to submit your abstract online.
Formatting Instructions
It is emphasized that papers will be printed in the Proceedings exactly as they are received. DO NOT include company logos and trademarks on any portion of the paper including graphs, tables, figures and etc. Company logos will be deleted. Even though papers are put into publishing package software once they are received, please follow the following guidelines.

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