Title Presenters Topic
(38) Increase MTBF by Pumping The Curve With Thermoplastic Liners

Victoria Pons, Ph. D., Pons Energy Analytics
Anne Marie Weaver and L.J. Guillotte, Lightning Production Services
Justin Lundquist, P.E., Revolution Resources

Drilling Operations
(36) Improving ESP Performance Combining Sand Control and Downhole Chemical Treatment: Case Studies in the Permian Basin

Ben Zapp, Lario Oil & Gas Co.
Shivani Vyas, Gustavo Gonzalez, L.A. Guanacas and Carlos Portilla, Odessa Separator, Inc.


Artificial Lift
(32) Gas Issues with Downhole Sucker Rod Pump Operations

Benny J. Williams

Q2 Artificial Lift Services


Artificial Lift
(45) MSLE Gas Separator - Multi-Stage Limited-Entry Explained and Test Results

Brian Ellithorp, BlackJack Production Tools


Well Completion and Simulation
(44) A Simple, Cost Effective Alternative to Crosslinked Guar Systems that Allows for the Use of Produced Water

Carl Harman, Satanta Oil
Mike McDonald, PQ Corporation


Reservoir Operation
(42) Chemical Management Program from the Point of View of the Operator and the Chemical Vendor

Dylan Bucanek and Chase Schippers, Champion X
Rob Vincent, PLTech, LLC

Prod. Handling
(02) ESP Trend Analytics: Merging Data Science with Application Engineering Knowledge To Improve Operational State Identification

Dylan Bucanek



Artificial Lift
(11) High-Volume Rod Lift

Erik Jacson and Chris Lauden


Artificial Lift
(07) Controlling Gas Slugs in ESP Using a New Downhole Gas Regulator: Case Studies

Gustavo Gonzalez and Shivani Vyas, Odessa Separators Inc. 


Artificial Lift
(08) Sand Control Management in ESP Case Studies Delaware Basin

Gustavo Gonzalez, Luis Guanacas, Scott Vestal, Odessa Separators Inc.


Artificial Lift
(12) A Case Study: Optimized Valve Spacing in Gas Lift to Accommodate Maturing Reservoir Conditions in Permian Basin Wells

Haseeb Ahmed Janjua, ProLiftCo
John Martinez, Production Associates
Michael Swihart, ProLiftCo

Artificial Lift
(21) Surface Diagnostics and Analysis in Optimization Technologies for Sucker Rod Pump Lifted Oil and Gas Wells

Ian Nickell, Champion X


Artificial Lift
(14) Visualizing Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP) and Sucker Rod Pump (SRP) Gas Separation

James F. Lea, PL Tech
David Divine, Valiant Artificial Lift Solutions
Lynn Rowlan, Echometer Company


Artificial Lift
(10) Lessons Learned with Jet Pumps in a Low Pressure, Gassy and Sandy Reservoir with High Deviation

Jesse Hernandez, Global Petroleum Technologies
Smarten Ryk Maneking, Pertamina


Artificial Lift
(06) Artificial Lift Selection for Horizontal Unconventional Wells

Jim Lea
Steve Gault


Artificial Lift
(16) Field Test Results from a Downhole Sucker Rod Sensor

John MacKay
Well Innovation


Artificial Lift
(22) Downhole Gas and Sand Separation Solution for Dynamic Wells

Ken Nolen and Caitlin Shirey
WellWorx Energy


Artificial Lift
(33) New Gas Bypass System for Unconventional Wells on ESP

Kimberly Selman and Matt Raglin
WellWorx Energy


Artificial Lift
(29) "Long and Slow" OR "Short and Fast" is NOT the Way to Go

Lynn Rowlan and Carrie-Anne Taylor, Echometer Company


Artificial Lift
(43) Multiphase Flow Performance in Piping Systems

Mahmoud Elsharafi,  Christopher Alexis, and  Trevon Antoine
Midwestern State University


Reservoir Operation
(34) Digital Transformation for Sucker Rod Pump Operated Wells

Mahmut Sengul, Noven Inc. 


Artificial Lift
(13) Early Application of Plungers in Gas Wells Producing Liquids

Mark Gose Billy Hood, Elizabeth Clem and Andrew Borgan, BKV Artificial Lift
James F. Lea, PLTech, LLC


Artificial Lift
(30) Optimizing Well Performance by Minimizing the Effects of Gas Slugs in Horizontal Wells: Surge Valve

Michael Conley, and Lee Weatherford Steward Energy
Donovan Sanchez and Luis Guanacas, Odessa Separator Inc.


Artificial Lift
(09) Carbon Fiber Sucker Rods Increase Production, Reduce Wear

Michell Hale, Megalex Rods


Artificial Lift
(17) Minimizing Failure Frequencies in the Midcon Area by Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA) Methods And Design Optimizations

Oscar E. Martinez, Weatherford


Artificial Lift