Title Presenters Topic
(2022026) Troubleshoot Oil and Gas Wells Using Acoustic Level Shots

Lynn Rowlan and Gustavo Fernandez
Echometer Company

Artificial Lift, Gas Lift
(2022027) NON-CABLE Actuated Rod Rotator: Technology Development and Field Experiences

Nicolas Guyubas, Martin Ruiz Palero, Daltec Oil Tools
Rodrigo Ruiz, Duxaoil Texas LLC

Artificial Lift, Sucker Rod Pump
(2022028) Reducing Rod Pumps Stuck in Tubing in The Highway 80 Field

Rodney Sands, ChampionX
Rowland Ramos, Pioneer Natural Resources
Matt Roam, TWS Pump 

Artificial Lift, Sucker Rod Pump
(2022029) A Review of Heat-Related ESP Studies

Vinicius Kramer Scariot, Eduardo Pereyra, and Cem Sarica
The University of Tulsa 

Artificial Lift, Electric Submersible Pump
(2022030) Unconventional Results with Conventional Long Stroke Rod Lift Systems: A Study of Design Process and Results Produced in Various Applications

Trey Binford and Lauren Silverman
Lufkin Industries

Artificial Lift, Sucker Rod Pump
(2022031) Cost-Effective Solution to Corrosion-Induced Rod Failures

Kara Walling, NOV Inc. 

Artificial Lift, Sucker Rod Pump
(2022032) Understanding Rod Loading

Russell Stevens and Gary Abdo

Lufkin Rod

Artificial Lift, Sucker Rod Pump
(2022033) Plunger Assisted Gas Lift (PAGL) in the Permian Basin

Mike Swihart, PROLIFTCO

Artificial Lift, Gas Lift, Plunger Lift
(2022034) Wireless Sensor Technology to Monitor Rod Rotator Performance

Terry Treiberg, Theta Oilfield Services-ChampionX
Justin Conyers, California Resources Corp. 

Artificial Lift, Sucker Rod Pump
(2022035) Using The Equilibrium Curve Concept to Determine the Most Efficient Gas Lift Injection Pressure and Rate for A Well

Robert Vincent, PL Tech LLC

Artificial Lift, Gas Lift
(2022036) Continuous Rod Scanning Using LV-EMI™ Proprietary Technology

Enio Oliveros, L.J. Guillotte Jr., Anne Marie Weaver, and Blake Vacek, LPS
Jared Jensen, Chevron

Artificial Lift
(2022037) The Downstroke Pump and Special or Unusual Sucker Rod Pumps Explained

Benny Williams, Q2 Artificial Lift Services

Artificial Lift, Sucker Rod Pump
(2022038) Downhole Sensors Support Successful Drilling Redesign Initiative in the Midland Basin

Ritthy Son, SM Energy

Drilling Operations
(2022039) Vulnerability of Remote Monitoring and Control Systems in the Oil and Gas Industries

David Allen and George Tyson

General Interest
(2022040) Autonomous Chemical Optimization and Remote Monitoring: A Case Study

Dylan Bucanek, ChampionX
Jeff Clack, ConocoPhillips 

Prod. Handling
(2022041) Value Of High-Resolution Data In Production Engineering

Charles-Henri Clerget, and Sebastien Mannai
Acoustic Wells 

Prod. Handling
(2022042) Leveraging Best Practices to Maximize the Value of Automation Systems and Optimization Software

Brett Williams, ChampionX

Prod. Handling

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