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(2023026) The Predictability and Versatility of High Pressure Gas Lift

Victor Jordan
Estis Compression

Artificial Lift
(2023027) Metallurgic and Coating Solutions for Corrosion Mitigation in Annular Flow Wells

Joe Koessler and  Joe Alapati, Devon

Paige Lairdm, NOV

Artificial Lift
(2023028) A Constant Pressure Design Approach for Improving Gas Lift System Injection Depth

Kyle Patterson, Flowco Production Solutions
Andres Molina,  Elevation Resources

Artificial Lift
(2023029) Field Data Demonstrate Benefits of Combining Gas Lift with Flow Improver

Kevin Rogers and Lucas McKernan
ChampionX Artificial Lift

Artificial Lift
(2023030) Managing Leaking Valves for High Angle Wells

Ryan L. Beeton

QSO, Inc.

Artificial Lift, Plunger Lift
(2023031) Autonomous Stuffing Box - Recent Developments and Field Test Results

Jason Pitcher, Kairos Resources
Drew Anderson, SanPro LLC
Joe Goodeyon, Wellhead Systems International

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(2023032) A New Approach to Continuous Rod in the Permian Basin

Taylor Krenek and Reed Vogt, Lifting Solutions
Anthony Allison, Oxy

Artificial Lift
(2023033) COMPLETE ROD CONTROL: Successful Steel String Study Results Reviewed; Now Trialing CRC with Fiberglass Sucker Rod

Blake Cobb, Black Mamba Rod Lift
Ryan Blake, Chevron

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(2023034) State Of the Art Software for Sucker Rod Pump Design, Troubleshooting, Optimization, And Training

Jeffrey J. DaCunha
Brex, LLC

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(2023035) Selected Best Recommended Practices

Lynn Rowlan, Consultant
James Lea, PLTech, LLC
Steve Gault, Consultant

Artificial Lift
(2023036) Advanced Pump-Off Controller: Optimization Against Incomplete Fillage

Biplav Chapagain, DV8 Energy
Tim Hinojosa, Occidental Petroleum

Artificial Lift
(2023037) Acidizing for Well Stimulation with a Chrome SRP Barrel Downhole – How Worried Should You Be?

Pinar Karpuz-Pickell and Levins Thompson
LUFKIN Industries

Artificial Lift
(2023038) Solving Compression Related Tubing Pump Failures

Jonathan Strickland and Courtney Richardson, Oxy
Jonathan Martin, Black Mamba Rod Lift

Artificial Lift
(2023039) YOUR RODS ARE OVERLOADED - Compound Rod Stresses In Deviated Wells

Jonathan Martin, Black Mamba Rod Lift
Luke Beadry and Vladimir Pechenkin, DV8 Energy

Artificial Lift
(2023040) Boronized Rod Pump Barrels - An Effort To Reduce Pump Failures Due To Excessive Wear & Abrasion on Barrels

Mike Murray
Exceed Oilfield Equipment

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(2023041) Engineered, Single-Piece Cage Design Improves Run-Time and Efficiency For Rod Pumps While Combating Gas and Sand Interference

Ramamurthy Narasimhan
Harbison-Fischer, a ChampionX Business Unit

Artificial Lift
(2023042) AlphaRod® 2.0: The Next Step in Corrosion Fatigue Performance

Matias Pereyra, Edgardo Lopez, Jordan Anderson, and Francisco More, Tenaris
Taylor Latchem and Jaret Hoerner, Chord Energy

Artificial Lift
(2023043) Measuring Wellbore Friction During Workover Operations (Update)

Walter Phillips

Artificial Lift
(2023044) Evaluating the Impact of Accurate Rod String Spacing Relative to the Rod Pump on Well Performance & Maintenance Costs

Tracie Reed, Silverstream Energy Solutions 
Gavin Schmitz, Wellhead Systems Inc.

Artificial Lift
(2023045) Downhole Self-Cleaning Solids Filter System for Rod Pumping Shows Promise

Jeff Saponja, Oilify
Justin Conyers,  CRC

Artificial Lift
(2023046) Rod Pumping the Curve to Maximize Drawdown and Control Slugging

Jeff Saponja, Oilify
Trey Kubacak, Ovintiv
Dr. Anand Nagoo, Nagoo & Associates

Artificial Lift
(2023047) Next Step: Increasing Production by Using a 2-Stages Filtration System with a Gas Separator in Rod Pump. Case Studies from South TX

Shivani Vyas, Gustavo Gonzalez, Luis Guanacas, Odessa Separator Inc. (OSI)
Travis Wadman, CML Exploration

Artificial Lift
(2023048) Fiber Optic Sensing for Production and Operations Diagnostics: Past, Present, and Future

Smith Leggett
Petroleum Engineering, Texas Tech University

Prod. Handling
(2023049) Delaware Basin Formational Solid Deposit Trends, A Data Driven Look At Developing Proactive Chemical Treatment Strategies

Rachel W. Hudson, Kevin J. Spicka, Lyle Pocha, Kory Mauritsen, Sean Potter, and Tanner Hite 
Ryan W. Pagel, Kaiser Francis

Prod. Handling
(2023050) Novel Multi-functional Chemistry to Maximize Performance in Paraffin Coated Acid Soluble Scale Clean-ups

Rosanel Morales, Revive Energy Solutions
Fadi El Ahmadieh and Max Reynolds, ConocoPhillips

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