Brian Ellithorp and DJ Snyder
BlackJack Production Tools

A new technology was released last year with the goal of being safe, easy to run and attaining previously unachievable gas separation when compared to any other method available today. The new technology is a gas separator built into the casing (CGS) and is run on the actual casing string right after the well has been drilled. CGS is run permanently into place on the casing with no alteration to the drilling program whatsoever. The CGS is commonly placed at kickoff point or in a tangent further downhole and well work occurs with absolutely no alteration to normal completion processes. The CGS can be run in multiple positions in the wellbore and two were run in the Rockies with different set points. One was at KOP and the other in a tangent. This paper will discuss the prejob planning with the Drilling Department, Completions Group and Production Team. The paper will go into the actual execution of each installation and the outcomes of the installs. The lessons learned led to multiple design progressions and development of ancillary tools to be run in conjunction with the CGS.