Wireline Application in Oil and Gas Wells

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Monday, April 15th, 2019

This is a two-day school - Wireline in one form or another is used in nearly every stage of the life cycle of an oil or gas well. This ranges from Open hole logging services using large diameter, multi-conductor cables to Completion Services ran on single conductor cables that bring the wells to production and finally to slickline cables that are used for mechanical services that help extend the life of a well.

We will explore and explain how Wireline is used during  each segment in the life of an Oil and Gas well. Presentation details will include the following:

Pre-production Logging Services

Open-Hole Logging
Cased Hole Logging
Cement Evaluation
Casing Evaluation
Reservoir Evaluation


Completion Services

Plug and Perf Operations
Cable Types
Horizontal Completions
Vertical Completions
Pressure Control

Remedial Services

Plugback Services
General Maintenance
Plug and Abandonment

Post-production Logging Services

Reservoir Analysis
Production Logs
Casing Evaluation Logs
Reservoir Monitoring

Slickline Services

Gas Lift Services
Memory Logging Services
Paraffin Cutting
Braided Line
Fishing Services
Well Clean Outs
Electric Slickline
Real time Reservoir Monitoring
Remedial Plugback Services
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