(07) Controlling Gas Slugs in ESP Using a New Downhole Gas Regulator: Case Studies

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Thu 11:00AM - 11:50AM, Room 104
Fri 10:00AM - 10:50AM, Room 104

Gustavo Gonzalez and Shivani Vyas, Odessa Separators Inc. 


Gas production is one of the main problems on ESP systems; causing premature failures and low efficiency, these are the reasons why many companies have developed a number of solutions to separate gas before reaches the pump. To solve this problem a New Downhole Gas Regulator has been developed in order to avoid large amounts of free gas flowing directly into the pump intake. This system regulates the amount of gas ingested by the pump so it will make easier for the pump stages to lift a fluid with a higher density (Less amount of gas in the multiphase flow). The system was designed to use the free gas flowing upward with the liquid to re solubilize the gas into the oil and produce the fluid with the lowest GOR and highest Rs possible. The ESP’s Downhole Regulator was designed based on each well conditions to maximize its efficiency.