(08) Sand Control Management in ESP Case Studies Delaware Basin

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Thu 1:00PM - 1:50PM, Room 104
Fri 12:00PM - 12:50PM, Room 104

Gustavo Gonzalez, Luis Guanacas, Scott Vestal, Odessa Separators Inc.


This paper proposes an analytical methodology that consists of an evaluation of the particle size distribution, viability for the use of sand screens and centrifugal separation systems for sand control management in wells with high sand and fluid production producing through an ESP. All the technical considerations are explained focusing on the information required and the parameters analyzed to recommend the most accurate design for sand control; selected approaches and models that have been developed to improve the runtime due to sand issues. The methodology for the evaluation and selection of sand control systems was proven in a field with historical low run time due to sand problems in the ESPs. The methodology is explained with the theoretical concepts and through several case studies in the Permian Basin.