(10) Lessons Learned with Jet Pumps in a Low Pressure, Gassy and Sandy Reservoir with High Deviation

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Thu 1:00PM - 1:50PM, Room 110
Fri 9:00AM - 9:50AM, Room 110

Jesse Hernandez, Global Petroleum Technologies
Smarten Ryk Maneking, Pertamina


Lessons Learned with Jet Pumps in a Low Pressure Gassy and Sandy Reservoir with High Deviation The jet pump is said to be a flexible tool adaptable to produce where other artificial lift methods have shortcomings: however, it too requires special considerations in search of economics and life cycle optimization. This report reviews design and equipment upgrades to the jet pump system with solutions and continued shortcomings after one year of operation. The mature low pressure gassy and sandy reservoir located in a remote jungle has been using jet pumps since it was first developed in the 70’s because the field lacks the infrastructure to make rig workovers feasible. The feature of the jet pump most valued in this field is its ability of downhole pump recovery by reverse circulation. Jet pumps were first introduced after development of the full hydraulic piston pump product line and many jet pumps were adapted to equipment designed for positive displacement downhole pumps. Manufacturing and engineered solutions were affected by the late 80’s oil glut, almost wiping out hydraulic lift and completely eliminated the hydraulic piston pump. Fields that need features of the jet pump persist in finding solutions to shortcomings in the same way that solutions are found for other lift methods. The major advantages of the jet pump include its reverse circulation retrieval, tolerance to sand and gas as well adaptability to existing completion for well testing or flexibility in lift capacity. Two other advantages important to the field referenced in this report is the range of deviation that a jet pump can accept and the economics in multiple well pads. Limitations have been attributed to a lack of understanding of the efficiency in energy transfer in low pressure and gassy mediums. Lessons learned in this case history can prove useful in other fields with similar characteristics.