(18) Enhanced Optimization of Deviated Wells Utilizing Greenshot: A Permanent, Automated Fluid Level System

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Thu 9:00AM - 9:50AM, Room 111
Fri 10:00AM - 10:50AM, Room 111

Russell Messer and Victoria Pons
WellWorx Energy


Longer laterals, better perforations and larger frac jobs have all enabled increased production capabilities, yet production optimization practices have remained stagnant and, in doing so, limit the ability to draw wells down more aggressively. The data provided in the most common fluid level processes does not meet the challenges generated by fluctuating well dynamics and conditions. The irregularity and inconsistency of current fluid level measurement systems provide an incomplete snapshot of the well conditions when a more complete solution is needed for optimization. With a permanent, automated fluid level system, reservoir and fluid data is continuously attained. By utilizing a permanent, automated fluid level system located at the well head, the frequency of casing pressure buildups, acoustic velocity shots and fluid level shots data can be drastically increased. Doing so allows for more accuracy in data for pump intake pressure, produced gas up casing, fluid gradient and gas-free fluid levels on rod pumped wells. Paired with properly-tuned algorithms and current optimization practices, these data points give a clearer and more complete story of what rod pumped wells experience continuously throughout the day. Additionally, more information about the reservoir is produced than previously available. This paper aims to introduce the GreenShot, how it works, and what it provides to the operator as well as present case study results that show the production improvements supplied utilizing GreenShot while depicting robustness and accuracy.