Tuesday, August 24th, 2021

In this 2-day pre-conference school and workshop, attendees will learn the basics of corrosion in oil and gas production and pipeline systems and will learn to identify the root causes of the different types of corrosion prevalent in our industry. In addition, attendees will gain an understanding of corrosion inhibitors and how these products are selected and monitored for their effectiveness. The course will also present the “how and where” methodology for the application of chemical or corrosion-resistant alloys and how and when to implement the various monitoring techniques utilized for the identification of corrosion and for the justification of corrosion mitigation products.
The pre-conference course will also discuss the importance of proper rod-handling during initial, or workover, installations and will contain hands-on examples of corrosion damage for the attendees to review and discuss. We will also have  break-out sessions for attendees to work through calculations critical for the prediction of corrosion as well as corrosion failure exercises in order to gain an understanding of the methodology for conducting a root-cause failure analysis.

Full 2-Day Conference Registrations Included with purchase