Wednesday, August 25th, 2021

This one-day course will include: 
Challenges faced in the Industry
One of our operators will address the audience to talk more about the challenges that they are observing in the industry while discussing frac hits. 

Geological Effects on Parent/Child Performance 
It has been observed that frac hits in some instances will vary in frequency and severity from area to area. This session will explore how incorporating subsurface geology data can potentially provide insight into some of these observed variances. 

Classification of Frac Hits & Mitigation methods/Technologies 
What does and does not constitute a frac hit is still under discussion in many circles of the industry. There is even disagreement on the nomenclature that is used to describe such occurrences. This session will review several examples of fracture interference and describe some of the classifications that have been used to describe both the type and specific type of interaction observed 
Frac hit mitigation continues to be a major goal across most unconventional plays. This is becoming even more crucial as development programs continue to increase well densities across acreage. Over the last several years many different approaches have been employed. In this session, several approaches ranging from child treatment technologies to enhanced development methods will be reviewed.

Diagnostic Methods 
Given the varying types of parent/child interactions that can occur it is often challenging to find the correct diagnostic technology to properly identify and observe the interaction. This session will present several diagnostic technologies and the information that can be gathered from each of them in order to better characterize and describe the well-to-well interactions that are observed.

Fracture Interaction Modeling
The capabilities of fracture modeling software platforms has progressed in recent years to allow for complex multi-well completions. This session will review how these models can be utilized during all phases of the completion to help optimize completion designs in multi-well development scenarios.

Reservoir Interaction Modeling
Many of the long-term effects observed from frac hits can often be traced back to changes in how the reservoir is being produced by each well. This session will demonstrate how reservoir modeling can help describe and predict how these changes effect the performance of individual wells and the acreage as a whole.  

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