Beam Lift: Best Recommended Operating Practices

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Tuesday, April 19th, 2022

Recommended Operating Practices are defined as procedures that consistently add value to beam operations. Dynamometer, power and fluid level surveys will be used to identify when the well is operating properly and when there are operating problems.  There are a variety of recommended practices for beam operationed wells that help provide low operating cost and low failure rate.  This course will focus on identifying practical ways an operator can improve the bottom line through increasing revenues or decreasing expenses. In many cases there is a trade off between increasing revenues and decreasing expenses, this course we will explore the trade off. Recommended practices include proactively installing equipment in the well, providing proper chemical treatments, preventing rod on tubing wear, identifying/correcting issues created by produced solids, identifying cause of well failures, and periodic surveillance of the well.  Applying the recommended practices to beam pumped operations will result in lower operating cost and longer equipment life. 

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