(2022020) Artificial Intelligence and Automation for Surface Rod Lift Production


Joe Navar, Mesquite Technologies LLC

Production performance monitoring has existed in Rod Lift Artificial Lift for decades, however there has lacked any action based on performance parameters. The Total Production Real Time (TPRT) Monitoring System incorporates data acquisition with artificial intelligence and automation to provide safer production operations for personnel and environment. TPRT collects live production data at surface on Rod BOPs, Stuffing Boxes, and Rod Rotators then drives actuation based on performance outside of expected performance parameters. For example, when a leak is detected at the primary seal for a Stuffing Box, TPRT engages a secondary actuator to recompress the seal, maintaining environmental control of the well during production as opposed to current product solutions which simply shut off the pumping unit at this minor inflection point on equipment performance. TPRT utilized point-to-point data acquisition and transmission to provide operators with live, cloud-based performance data on remote wells. The core functionality of TPRT is to maximize productivity while protecting from environmental leaks and limiting unnecessary visits to well sites.  

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