(2022025) A New Approach to Safely Locking Out Pumping Units Using a Hydraulic Sheave Lock Versus Traditional Methods


Tracie Reed, Silverstream Energy Solutions Inc. 
Don Foley, and Kurt Richard, KUDO Energy Services 

This presentation will discuss a new method of locking out beam pumping unit using a patented and engineered hydraulic sheave lock to support reducing risk at the well site when the pumping unit is shut down for routine maintenance or workovers. It will explore merits of keeping workers entirely out of the swing zone, allowing personnel to accomplish tasks safely and easily, without risk of brake cable failure or slippage resulting in movement of the counterweights. The discussion will focus on how this approach impacts traditional operational practices including an analysis of key metrics encompassing the ability to reduce third party service costs, avoid near miss and serious safety incidents, while also reducing traffic at the well site, resulting in less road damage and carbon emissions. Discussion will focus on how this new process adds value by reducing costs and improving safety for producers. 

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