(2022027) NON-CABLE Actuated Rod Rotator: Technology Development and Field Experiences


Nicolas Guyubas, Martin Ruiz Palero, Daltec Oil Tools
Rodrigo Ruiz, Duxaoil Texas LLC

The use of rod rotators is key to extend the life of sucker rod string couplings in all intentionally and not intentionally deviated wells. Its applicability has proved to be a low-cost solution, giving an even wear on sucker rod couplings, extending considerably their run time.
One of the major issues with conventional cable actuated rod rotators is the integrity of the cable, its installation and proper maintenance. It’s common to heard from operators losing the cable connection and ending up on a premature failure on sucker rod couplings due to localized wear.

Initially designed as a solution for long stroke belt driven units, where cable rod rotators weren’t reliable, a telescopic arm actuated rod rotator solves the issue with minimal down time. This innovation then was implemented in conventional pumping unit setups providing reliable rotations of sucker rod strings.

This paper describes the development process for the telescopic arm actuated rod rotator and the case studies in their initial set of applications in operation.

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