Cause and Effect: Optimizing Runtimes in Sucker Rod Lift

Tuesday, April 18th, 2023

This cause-and-effect training course is the most comprehensive failure identification course for sucker rod lift in the oil and gas industry. Information critical to solving repeat failures in problem wells is provided and includes recommendations for immediate and long-term corrective actions that will help prevent another well intervention from the same failure cause. Utilizing an extensive library of photographs and failure documentation, the instructors provide operating personnel with the opportunity to enhance equipment runtimes and reduce operating expense by reducing repeat failures. The training covers:
•    What we learned from ALEOC.
•    Understanding failure modes.
o    Identifying brittle failures and their causes.
o    Identifying ductile failures and their causes.
o    Identifying stress-induced fatigue failures and their causes.
•    Understanding rod loading and rod grades.
o    When do you use high strength sucker rods.
•    Identifying corrosion failures and their causes.
o    Acid Corrosion
o    Chloride Corrosion
o    CO2
    Carbonic Acid
o    Dissimilar Metals Corrosion
o    H2S
    Hydrogen Blistering
    Hydrogen Embrittlement
    Hydrogen Induced Cracking
o    Microbial Influenced Corrosion
    Acid Producing Bacteria (APB)
    Sulfate Reducing Bacteria (SRB)
o    Oxygen Enhanced Corrosion
o    Stray Current Corrosion
o    Underdeposit Corrosion
•    Identifying mechanical failures and their causes.
•    Identifying manufacturing defects and their causes.
•    Identifying application failures and their causes.

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