Everything You Wanted to Know About Sucker Rod Lift – But Were Afraid to Ask

Tuesday, April 18th, 2023

This 2023 SWPSC will use different sets of field data to analyze cases of incomplete pump fillage, mechanical friction, transient forces in the rod string, plus highlight other downhole conditions that impact producing sucker rod lifted well. The 1 dimension and deviated wave equation will aid the discussion on how mechanical friction in vertical and/or deviated wells makes the calculation of down hole rod loadings complex and difficult. The sucker rod pumping system loads and rod position through out a stroke can be predicted along the rod string, where transient forces applied to the rod string can be analyzed at any point along the rod string length. Dynamometer cards, particularly calculated downhole pump cards will be used for diagnostics of problems that exist in sucker rod lifted wells.  Use of dynamometer card with pump intake pressure will be used to identify the impact of incomplete pump fillage on plunger motion, under travel and over travel of the plunger at the pump. Gas interference, fluid pound and downhole compressive forces result in increased failures due to rod on tubing wear. Many of the concerns that operators face when using the sucker rod pumping system to produce gassy vertical and deviated sucker rod lifted wells will be addressed.  This seminar will introduce various sucker rod concepts and help the participant understand how this technology can be used to improve the operation of sucker rod lifted wells.

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