Facilities School

Tuesday, April 18th, 2023

The design and operation of oil and gas production facilities is changing fast to meet the demands of new regulations and recommended practices from industry associations.    Operators are also keenly interested in optimizing newly designed facilities given the constraints of finding qualified construction personnel, supply chain disruptions, increased equipment costs and the constantly changing price environment.  New regulations and industry standards are re-defining the design and installation of equipment. Examples include reduction of methane emissions (vapor recovery and fugitive emissions), automation, piping codes, process safety, and facility spacing guidelines.  This one-day course will include:

Review of Latest Regulations and Standards -
•    New Climate Change Driven air requirements for Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma
•    Key Occupational Safety requirements and OSHA Changes
•    Industry Standards and Recommended Practices
•    Equipment and piping codes

Designing for the Future -
•    Production Site Facility Design Efficiency through Modularization
•    Designing to Reduce Cost
•    Pre-Fabrication versus Field-Fabrication Cost Comparisons
•    ‘Hatchless’ Tanks, ‘Tankless’ Facilities, and Emissions Control Design
•    Using Process Modelling to Optimize Facility Design and Emissions Forecasting
•    Reducing Liabilities through Risk Based Process Safety
•    Design to Reduce Potential Injury to Personnel

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