Identification, Prediction and Management of Oilfield Solids and Mineral Scales

Tuesday, April 18th, 2023

This one-day preconference school will address the challenges associated with the identification, prediction and management of oilfield solids and mineral scales. This class will examine inorganic mineral scale prediction, formation and inhibition; solids produced as a result corrosion processes; and solids formed as a result of mixing incompatible waters. We will discuss the formation of principle mineral scales including calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate and barium sulfate, as well as solids such as iron sulfide, sludges and “schmoo”. 

The class will examine proper solids and water sampling protocols and water analysis evaluation models utilized for the prediction of mineral scales. We will discuss input data required for these scale prediction models in order for them to provide meaningful and successful scaling predictions.  Furthermore, we will address the probable origin of suspended solids in injection or disposal waters and will discuss their sampling, identification, impacts and management.

We will review Industry accepted procedures for the identification of deposits – a critical first step in the management of solids. Various solids management scenarios will be presented to the class and breakout exercises will enable participants to discuss “how to best address solids production” in an oil and gas or pipeline system.

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