Plunger Lift

Monday, April 17th, 2023

Plunger Lift has always been recognized as the most economical form of Artificial Lift for removing liquids from natural gas wells and producing higher GLR oil wells.  With the recovery of oil and natural gas prices plunger lift has become an increasingly popular lift choice.  When combined with gas lift (PAGL) it can increase the efficiency and extend the economic life of wells. This school will cover the various applications across different production parameters.  Topics will include the following:
•    Brief History of the Technology
•    Liquid Loading in Flowing Wells 
•    Various Plunger Lift Applications
•    Identifying & Qualifying Candidates
•    Surface & Down Hole Considerations
•    Surface & Down Hole Completions
•    Installation/Startup/Optimization
•    Plunger Types & Applications
•    Field Operations & Maintenance
•    Electronics/Automation/Telemetry

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