(2024007) Acquisition of Scheduled Fluid Level, Dynamometer, Power Data to Monitor Challenging Sucker Rod Lifted Wells


O. Lynn Rowlan, Gustavo Fernandez, Carrie Anne Taylor, and Justin Bates
Echometer Company

At the well or through the cloud from any location in the world an operator can troubleshoot and analyze the performance of any well. Fluid level and dynamometer test can be acquired and used to analyze challenging sucker rod lifted wells without requiring the operator to be present at the wellsite. The operator can automatically acquire precisely time stamped high frequency data using an acquisition schedule created/modified remotely to acquire data for an extended time period and/or acquire individual test on demand. This paper will present examples of using this data to: 1) analyze/monitor an unconventional horizontal sucker rod well as it flumps up casing approximately every 10 hour and as it flows up the tubing as the VSD changes speed to maintain pump fillage, 2) show conventional tubing anchors trap gas below the tubing anchor in horizontal unconventional wells that flumping up the casing, 3) determine bottom hole pressures versus time from a pressure buildup or fall-off test created using an acoustic liquid level instrument with acquisition controlled according to a predefined schedule, 4) perform Walker fluid level depression test to determine the annular gradient below the liquid level and determine the producing pump intake pressure, 5) Setup a timer to control run-time for a marginal electrically driven sucker rod pumped well using acoustically derived drawdown and build-up data.

In the past an operator using a portable system and laptop was required to be at the wellsite to perform tests. Now the operator can schedule unattended fluid level, dynamometer, pressure, and power acquisitions test. Using internet or cell phone access a well anywhere in the world to monitor in detail with high speed and high-resolution wireless sensor data. Schedule time, frequency and sampling speed to monitor a well for an extended time. Schedule can be changed and data can be remotely retrieved without requiring the operator to make a trip to the wellsite to retrieve and view the acquired well data.

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