(2024009) Surface Controlled, Electric Gas Lift (EGL) Systems Gaining Ground in the Permian


Logan Smart, XTO Energy
Alex Moore, Mike Hermanson and Mike Sollid 
Precise Downhole Solutions 

We are excited about the opportunity to present an in-depth overview of Oura™ (Optimization using real-time automation), an intelligent downhole electric valve designed for artificial lift and enhanced oil recovery (EOR). Oura™ brings cutting-edge capabilities to the forefront of the industry. Oura is also proving invaluable in various EOR methods such as Water, Polymer, CO2 Floods, and Injections.

Key Features of Oura™:

1. Real-time Monitoring: Oura™ provides real-time pressure and temperature data f    or both tubing and annulus, ensuring precise control and monitoring.

2. Variable Dart Position: With a completely variable dart position (0-100%), customers can manipulate the orifice to any size, up to 3/8".

3. Low Power Requirements: Oura™ operates on very low power and can be run off a single solar panel, facilitating remote installations and contributing to a reduced carbon footprint.

4. Multi-drop Capability: The technology can multi-drop up to 30 valves on a single 1/4" TEC, extending its reach to depths of up to 26,250 ft.

Progress and Installation Reach:

Since its conception in 2019, Precise has continuously worked on enhancing Oura™. We have installed over 200 valves across Texas, New Mexico, and Canada, solidifying Oura™ reliability and effectiveness in diverse operational environments.

Presentation Highlights:

Our upcoming presentation will provide a comprehensive overview:

1. (Precise) - Oura™ - A brief explanation showing off the design and functionality of Oura™ and our surface system. 

2. (XTO) - XTO to speak to the challenges & successes with Oura™ and how Oura™ fits in with their future operations. 

3. Closing: A concluding segment summarizing the key takeaways and opening the floor for questions and discussions.

Presentation Information

Wed 9:00AM - 9:50AM, Room 107
Thu 1:00PM - 1:50PM, Room 107

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