(2024010) Breaking the curve: Improvement of Gas Separation Efficiency for High Fluid and High GLR Horizontal Wells


Shivani Vyas and Gustavo Gonzalez, OSI
Martin Lozano and Jeff Knight, Diamondback Energy

After deep analysis of gas separation methods and understanding the nature of fluid and gas flow, a new design is developed to generate better downhole conditions and enhance gas separation efficiency. A study of legacy downhole gas separators using a substantial database of horizontals wells across the Delaware and Midland basins demonstrated a decrease in gas separation efficiency with an increase in GLRs and fluid rates. The development of this new methodology breaks the curve, not following the typical relationship of gas rates and gas separation efficiency. This has allowed for meeting and exceeding both rates and GLRs during ESP and Gas Lift to Rod Pump conversions in 5.5” casing, where annular space has previously limited gas separation efficiencies with legacy technology. This new design has an innovative technique to combat surges and homogenizing wellbore fluid to create maximum gas separation resulting in optimal well performance.

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Wed 1:00PM - 1:50PM, Room 104
Thu 9:00AM - 9:50AM, Room 104

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