(2024020) How/Why High-Pressure Gas Lift (“Single Point Gas Lift”) Adoption/Uses Continue to Grow


Larry Harms, Optimization Harmsway, LLC
James Hudson, Ryan Reynolds, 
Steve Schwin, and Will Nelle, Estis Compression

In less than 9 years, High Pressure/Single Point Gas Lift has grown from 0 to about 3000 applications in unconventional wells and its use continues to expand with trailer mounted units to unload frac hits and applications later in the well life.

This paper presents examples of these expanding applications including case histories on unloading frac hits and shows how/why this very simple "new" technology grew from one person's idea to wide spread/ expanding adoption in a relatively short time.

Operating tips for increased effectiveness and potential applications in the future are also shared.

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Wed 1:00PM - 1:50PM, Room 108
Thu 10:20AM - 11:10AM, Room 108

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