(2024022) Reducing Hydrocarbon Emissions in Gas Lift Operations


Will Nelle, Estis Compression
Wayne McPherson, Devon Energy

Gas lift is long known to be an effective and versatile form of artificial lift and is widely used in oil and gas production. Compressors are a vital part of the gas lift process and are present in large numbers in the oil and gas industry. The design of these compressors has for many years allowed for the release of hydrocarbons into the environment. Concerns over the environmental impact of these hydrocarbon emissions has increased scrutiny by the public eye and environmental regulators. In turn oil and gas operators are seeking ways to reduce hydrocarbon emissions to the environment from the compressors required for the gas lift process. A new and patented system has been developed to eliminate hydrocarbon emissions from compressors. This system is disclosed and an operator’s perspective is shared in how it is helping them to the environmental impact of their gas lift operations.


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Wed 2:00PM - 2:50PM, Room 108
Thu 9:00AM - 9:50AM, Room 108

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