At GEO PSI we are a global leader in providing real-time downhole pressure and temperature monitoring solutions. These solutions give you the quality data that you need to increase production, maximize reservoir recovery, and reduce operating expense.

We design and manufacture the highest quality downhole pressure & temperature monitoring systems in the world. In even the most hostile and remote environments, we provide complete solutions from downhole gauge to surface electronics.

The real time reservoir data that our systems provide are used to:

●  Increase production

●  Improve ultimate reserve recovery

●  Improve well optimization

●  And reduce operating expense

We focus on facilitating the delivery, installation, and servicing of continuous real time monitoring systems that accurately measure downhole reservoir pressure, temperature, and vibration.

We provide a wide range of reliable downhole gauges, instrumentation cables, surface electronics, and accessories. Each system is fit for purpose and matches the requirements of the well-bore condition.