Inplex is pleased to offer our Injectorplex capillary tubing for chemical injection and CO2 lift. The Injectorplex oil and gas transport tubes are manufactured with finite precision for each individual purpose. Injectorplex will replace stainless steel oil and gas injection tubing. Proven superior in every facet, it provides incredible toughness and extraordinary versatility – in the most extreme drilling conditions. The inherent characteristics of our state-of-the-art polymide tube provide superior flexibility, abrasion and temperature resistance. It will not pit, crack or corrode as stainless steel can. The result is economy; easy convertibility, longer life-cycle, lower material cost, and greater profit potential. Whatever tubing size or reel lengths you require, we custom manufacture Injectorplex tubing to your exact specifications. Let us show you why Injectorplex tubing is the solution to reduce both your costs and your carbon footprint.