Permian Rod Operations

Established in 1995, Permian Rod Operations (PRO) can hopefully help service your needs in these various ways:

+ inspection of New & Used steel sucker rods to API Spec-11B & RP-11BR - or to your own specs.
* includes completely cleaning, peening, VTI, EMI, MPI and coating the rods and making them practically brand new looking.
** BTW - we have seen rods that are 20, 30, 40 even 50 years old and are still kicking, so please look after your investment!!

+ in addition to steel rods, we can also visually inspect your fiberglass rod bodies and do some gauging and MPI on the end fittings.

+ patented proprietary Precison Coupling Makeup (PCM) service:
* we can properly install your couplings onto your rods at the plant and is NOT via displacement which we have discovered is actually the wrong way! Also saves you a heck of alot of rig time and the rig hands possibly mis-handling them from a separate box sitting on the rig floor.

** we have patented this process - so there is no one else who can do this. Couplings in boxes is frought with potential handling problems, not to mention again that we have disproved the displacement theory. ;)

+ sucker rod guiding - we have a sucker rod guiding facility and can guide your NEW or USED rods.
* we can mold on PP-AF/AU, Polyketone (PK), PPS or whatever thermosplastic resin that suits your fancy.

+ we maintain stock and sell your usual sizes of Stabilizer Bars (of course with guides to boot)

+ we also have plenty of used sucker rods for sale:
* also with or without guides, since well, did we already mention we have a guide shop? So yes - there's no reason why you can't also guide those USED rods of yours.

+ if you have any sucker rods you care to part with, we also buy those too! As they say - One's man trash is another man's treasure!

+ we also have relationships with New rod and coupling manufacturers - so we got you covered on the NEW stuff too.

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Tel: (432) 367-4149

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