RFG Petro Systems


RFG Petro Systems manufactures sucker rod guides (centralizers), guided couplings and stabilizer bars using its proprietary MP Polymer™ technology which provides extreme wear and chemical resistance and is mechanically and dimensionally stable up to 500⁰ F. The patented MP Polymer™ Rod Guides are molded directly onto sucker rods to ensure the guides stay in place to protect against rod-on-tubing wear. The RFG Box-Guide™ is a guided sucker rod coupling that uses the MP Polymer™ to protect against coupling-on-tubing wear.  RFG Stabilizer Bars also feature MP Polymer™ guides making them ideal for use above the pump and between sinker bars, especially in deep horizontal wells.  RFG Petro Systems’ rod guides, guided couplings and stabilizer bars are designed to provide long wear life and protection so you can increase your wells' run times and production.

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