Silverstream Energy Solutions Inc.

Silverstream Energy Solutions Inc. is dedicated to helping solve unique energy industry challenges by bringing new equipment solutions and technology to the market. 

We strive to address the needs of energy producers who:

  • Believe safety is paramount.
  • Are driven to reduce maintenance costs
  • Are focused on improving productivity and efficiency

Well profiles have changed and so has rod rotator technology. The ROTATAP rod rotator will help companies who:

  • Are frustrated by gas locking; have wells that need to be frequently tagged and are seeking a new solution
  • Suffer ongoing production losses and maintenance costs related to rod pump damage, rod rotator failures and rod string wear
  • Prioritize safety and risk reduction for their employees and contractors
  • Value the opportunity to save significant operator manhours and optimize production

ROTATAP rod rotators have been field tested for more than three years and have performed very well.  The ROTATAP rod rotators utilize a patent pending approach to solve ongoing challenges related to the traditional rod rotators. Manufactured with premium bearings, quality components and high alloy steel, they deliver reliability and durability.