SSi Lift

SSi Lift provides long stroke, high rate, self optimizing rod lift systems to customers operating around the globe.

Offering rod lift systems producing over 1300BPD right here in the Permian Basin, we help clients migrate from ESPs to Rods earlier without losing production. Built and Manufactured exclusively in North America.

Here are some of the highlights:

* Enhanced Production – longer stroke coupled with the Smart Speed 2 logics ability to automatically change speeds based on well inflow results in more complete pump fillage and more BFPD over conventional systems.
* Safety – fewer moving parts and stroke-length/loading are changed electronically (instead of mechanically in other systems). Our system doesn’t have to be stopped to alter stroke length and the up/down strokes are independent of each other for maximum production efficiency.
* Reduced install time – typical unit is set up within 4 hours and on production that same day.
* Smaller footprint – all parts are delivered on a single truck and modular configuration allows mix/match of HPU and surface unit resulting in optimum efficiency over life of the well. Aesthetically the unit looks cleaner than industry competitors.
* Reliability – with over 1500 units worldwide, our units average a 99.7% up time which means increased production, reduced OPEX and higher profits.

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