The Fiberglass Sucker Rod experience is back in the oilfield, providing the finest sucker rod that has ever existed along with legendary customer service.  SUPEROD offers superior service and the longest lasting sucker rod. These rods come with a 2 year manufacturing warranty along with a money back guarantee. 

The SUPEROD is the most technologically advanced fiberglass sucker rod in the world. This rod now has a patented end fitting with the best stress distribution of any end fitting that has ever been built.  This gives you a product that will last longer and handle more load than any sucker rod on the planet.

SUPEROD prides itself in offering customer and technical services that are second to none. The company is committed to your financial success.  We offer the best product, finest customer service, superior technical assistance and manufacturing quality control from A to Z.  More experience than all the other guys combined with  every rod being inspected and cycle tested before it is sent to your well.

Best Product, Best Customer Service, Best Quality Control, Best Warranty.

What are you waiting for?

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