Well Innovation

Well Innovation AS is an independent technology development and investment company, focusing on the energy sector.

We are specialists in taking a conceptual idea to a commercially accepted product, whether it is our own idea or someone who is seeking assistance with their technology development or a financing need. We also work directly with Customer’s who have identified a need and want to close a portfolio gap.

We are experts in design, prototyping, testing and commercialization of technologies combining the elements within mechanic, hydraulic and electronic disciplines (Mechatronics/Robotics).

For more than a decade our highly skilled engineers have delivered our clients a competitive advantage.

The Downhole Sucker Rod Technology is a project that we have developed over the past 9 years in order to uncover the mysteries of Sucker Rod Systems. The measured data shows that the predicted modules are not always reflecting what is actually occurring in the deeper wells that have been drilled in the past 10 years.