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(2023001) Triton VSH Pump Jack Drive System

Gord Abram, VSH, Inc.
Donald Schend and John Brummel, Power Systems International, LLC

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(2023002) The Benefits of Using a Safer, More Accurate Inclinometer to Calculate Position Compared to Hall Effect Inferred Position

Dallas Barrett,  Matt Raglin, and Ken Nolen
WellWorx Energy 

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(2023003) Novel Rod Pump Control for Wells with Complex Pumping Conditions

Charles-Henri Clerget and Sebastien Mannai
Acoustic Wells

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(2023004) Novel Technologies For Effective Data Acquisition and Automation on Oilfields

Charles-Henri ClergetSebastien Mannai
Acoustic Wells

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(2023005) Detecting and Locating Tubing-Casing Leaks from Analysis of Advanced Acoustic Fluid Level Records

Gustavo Fernandez, Dieter Becker, and Justin Bates, Echometer Company
A.L. Podio

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(2023006) Using Advanced Diagnostics and Rod Stress Data to Improve Operation Conditions

Dermot Lyons

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(2023007) Strategies for Maintaining Compressor Runtime in Cold Weather

Will Nelle
Estis Compression

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(2023008) BHA Design to Maximize Production And Stabilize Pump Fillage In Unconventional, Gassy Wells

Victoria Pons and Orlando Magallanes,  WellWorx Energy 
Michael Tschauner, XTO 

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(2023009) Novel, 3D Structural Model Improves Design and Analysis of Sucker Rod Pumping Systems in Deviated Wells

J Robinson and JS Campbell, Kepler Engineering Software Ltd.

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(2023010) How to Determine if Tubing is Unanchored

O. Lynn Rowlan, Gustavo, and Carrie-Anne Taylor
Echometer Company
Sheldon Want, McCoy School of Engineering

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(2023011) Slow-Release Downhole Chemical Treatment in Rod pump, ESP and Gas Lift, Including a Non-Pulling Tubing Method of Installation

Jose Chavarria, Guanha Li, Crystal Hemann, Conoco Phillips
Donovan Sanchez, Renzo Arias, Gustavo Gonzalez, Odessa Separator Inc. (OSI)

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(2023012) Sucker Rod Pump Barrels and the New Q2 Balanced Pressure Pump

Benny J. Williams and Bradley T. Link 
Q2 Artificial Lift Services

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(2023013) Utilizing Algorithms to Determine Production Increases on Wells Operating with a Fluid Level Above the Pump

Ian Nickell

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(2023014) Autonomous VSD Setpoint Optimization for Sucker Rod Artificially Lifted Oil and Gas Wells

Ian Nickell

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(2023015) Performance Evaluation of CENesis PHASE System on Wells With High GLR and Low Production Output (Case Study)

Nurbol Bekbossinov, Nelson, Ruis, Mohammad Masadeh, Mohamed Hamoud and Diego Hernandez
Baker Hughes

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(2023016) Development and Field Testing of New High-Performance Downhole Gas Separator for Electric Submersible Pumping Systems

Donn J. Brown, Ketan K. Sheth and Shannon B. Davis 
Summit ESP - Halliburton

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(2023017) Best Practices Operating Electrosubmersible Pumps (ESP) in Unconventional Environments to Maximize Runlife Goals

Juan Fernandez and Ade Adenuga, ChampionX

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(2023018) A Novel Method of Using ESP Motor Current Signature to Mitigate Gas Lock In An Oil Well

Chris Fletcher

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(2023019) Controlling Sand Flow Back in ESPs without Limiting Flushing Operations Through the Tubing. Field applications in the Permian Basin

Nassim Shahriari, Jose Chavarria Guerra, Crystal Hemann, and Guanhua Li, Conoco Phillips
Donovan Sanchez, Gustavo Gonzalez, and Luis Guanacas, Odessa Separator Inc.

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(2023020) Application of New LIFTprime E1000 and E3000 Model Pumps in Permian Basin (Case Study)

Mohammad Masadeh, Nelson Ruis, Diego Hernandez, Nurbol Bekbossinov, and Mohaned Hamoud
Baker Hughes Permian ALS

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(2023021) Gas Flow Management Technology Designed to Decrease Downtime and Improve ESP Efficiency (Case Study – Midland Basin)

Steve Fulwider, Alexander Davis, Mark Harding. 
Luis Guanacas, Gustavo Gonzalez. 
Odessa Separator, Inc.
Mario Campos, Carlos Portilla. 
Champion X

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(2023022) Gas Lift Tear Down Data Analyzation & Utilization of Data to Improve Production

Brett Fox, Weatherford Permian 
Emmanuel Ewusie Chevron Corporation

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(2023023) A Robust Method for Data-Driven Gas-Lift Optimization

Agustin Gambaretto and Kashif Rashid

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(2023024) The Case Study of Measuring The Error In Gas Lift Valve Temperature And Pressure During Development Phase In Tubular Gas Lift System Through Slickline

Haseeb Janjua

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(2023025) Annular Flow Gas Lift Options and Improvements

Mike Johnson

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