Felipe Correa, Apergy - Harbison-Fischer

The performance of Harbison-Fischer’s patented Sand Flush Plunger (SFP) was assessed relative to the average runtime for standard API plungers in the HWY 80 field, operated by Pioneer Natural Resources (PNR). The field case study captured information from pump-tracker for 5,283 wells and 32,804 workover records dating back to 1989. As of the record date 1,934 different wells had used a SFP 3,473 times. The analysis, however, focused in 194 wells for each of whom the data showed at least 1 failure originated by the pump for each of the two plunger types. The average runtime for the SFP and the API plungers were found to be 1,178 days and 579 days, respectively.

The present study constitutes an update on the continuous monitoring of the performance of the SFP that has been carried out in HWY 80 field since 2015. The average runtime for the SFP was reduced in 119 days whereas the average runtime for the API pumps increased by 36 days. The number of wells considered for calculating the average runtimes has gone up by 37 wells from 157 reported in 2015. Similarly, the number of qualifying pump changes has increase by 102 from 486 reported back in 2015. The data processing has been carried out using Tableau, and slightly different criterions for cleaning the records have been implemented compared to the paper presented in 2015 at this same conference.