Mahmoud Elsharafi, Jenom Pyeng , Tapiwa Gasseler, and Jedeshkeran Chandraseqaran
Midwestern State University

The purpose of this project is to conduct a Dynamic Filtration Test to Investigate the Effect of Preformed Particle Gels (PPGs) on Un-swept, Low-Permeable Zones/Areas. A filtration test is a simple means of evaluating formation damage. This work use schematically dynamic filtration test experiment design apparatus to carry out the various filtration test experiments. It use different core samples, various brine concentration, and various gel types.  The permeability   of each sandstone core samples is calculated before and after the filtration test. Experiments are still being observed.  The objective of this study is to find methods that minimized the damage caused by PPGs on un-swept, low-permeable zones/areas, thus improving PPG treatment efficiency. This approach will identify the best properties of the PPGs, which can neither penetrate conventional solid rocks nor form cakes on the rocks’ surface.