Altec Gas Lift

From the high pressures and extreme temperatures encountered in deepwater plays to the corrosive conditions, steep decline curves, and eccentricities of shale, ALTEC services and provides artificial lift tools and solutions to North America, Gulf of Mexico, and global fields and wells.

ALTEC, Inc. is an ISO 9001 gas lift and production enhancement company with offices in Broussard, LA and Midland, TX. We provide a variety of gas lift equipment and services, reservoir characterization services, and production enhancement services including gas lift design/analysis, valves, mandrels, pressure/temperature surveys and troubleshooting services delivered within an environment of safety.

ALTEC has extensive experience working in deep water providing equipment and services for independents and super majors alike, as well as, shelf and land-based wells. Drawing on more than three decades of field experience, we deliver data and optimized systems to mitigate the elevated risk, and potentially expensive consequences of under-performance or failure in traditional rock and extreme environments.

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