Kimray, Inc.

Kimray is a world-class manufacturer of oil and gas control
equipment based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. Since 1948,
Kimray has been creating simple and effective products for a wide
range of applications in temperature, level, flow, and pressure
control for production equipment.

Kimray products are known for being reliable, easy to operate, and
low maintenance. Common applications for Kimray products include
compression, gas dehydration, gas sweetening, separation, heaters,
artificial lift, gas regulation skids, measurement stations and more.

Buying from Kimray is about much more than the product. The
relationships between Kimray representatives and our customers
extend from before the sale through the life of the product. Those
relationships, along with quality Kimray products, are the result of
a company striving for excellence for our customers, our company
and our community.

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