Megalex Carbon Fiber Rods

Megalex manufactures high-strength, light-weight, small-diameter Carbon Fiber sucker rods. Because of their light weight and high strength, Megalex rods enable the highest production rates possible from sucker rod pumping systems and can operate with extremely-long-stroke beam pumping units without gearbox torque overload. Megalex rods reduce friction and side-wall loads in the "build" section of pad drilled wells with a shallow deviation, resulting in less rod/tubing wear in this top section. Megalex rods have the fatigue strength of 1" UHS Steel, but with an end-fitting diameter of 1-5/8", Megalex rods can operate within 2-3/8" tubing or 2-7/8" poly-lined tubing. Megalex carbon fiber rod bodies and high alloy steel end-fittings offer excellent corrosion resistance. Megalex end-fittings are female-threaded and use an innovative internal male-threaded coupling, allowing for one circumferal displacment per rod connection for exact rod make-up.

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