(2024025) Long Term Jet Lift


John Massey, Prime Pump Solutions, A ChampionX Company

Jet lift is often seen as a short-term solution or last case lift by many users. In this paper we will give an example of how jet lift is used as a long-term form of lift and highlight the benefits of using a downhole jet pump in horizontal wells with high decline rates. Please note that the term jet lift is used to describe the whole lift system while jet pump is used to describe the downhole pump. 

The data collected for this paper comes from two wells: one in the Permian Basin and another in the Powder River Basin. Production tests have been collected throughout the life of the wells to optimize jet pump performance and make any necessary adjustments. Using this production data, we have jet lift simulations to show horsepower requirements, pump intake pressure, injection pressure, and injection rate. All data shown for the Powder River well will be over a 5-year period and Permian well will be over a 2-year period. 

Powder River Basin well results: The jet lift system was installed in June 2017 and producing an average of 2,000 BPD. After 1-year and a jet pump optimization, the well was producing an average of 772 BPD. In October of 2018, the well was converted to rod lift and produced an average of 450 BPD. Over a 405-day period the rod pump had multiple downhole failures and workovers ranging from gas locking, rod load, and lower production than expected. In February 2020, 1-year and 3 months later, the well was converted back to jet lift and started producing an average of 350 BPD. A jet pump optimization test was performed in December 2020 and was producing an average of 510 BPD. The last production test on file for this well was August 2022 at 173 BPD. This well is still producing on jet lift for a total of 4.5 years, with only one workover during the jet lift operation due to a hole in tubing.

Permian Basin well results: The jet lift system was commissioned in April 2020, producing an average of 1,500 BPD. In September 2022, the system was producing an average of 390 BPD and was then increased to 462 BPD with jet pump optimization. The well is still producing. A corrosive and debris filled environment is the main reason the operator installed the jet lift system in this well originally and it has steadily produced for 3.5 years with no workovers needed.

Jet lift has a belief of being a short term or last form of lift when others cannot perform. This paper proves jet lift can perform well throughout the life of a well and meet production targets in challenging environments where other artificial lift forms struggle to keep uptime.


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